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Contract drafting and review

We are happy to assist you in drafting or reviewing all types of contracts. We have many years of experience in drafting and interpreting contracts and therefore know which details are important in each individual case. more

Contracts create (expectation) security in legal transactions and should be concluded in writing where it is economically significant. For certain legal transactions, the law also deliberately provides for formal requirements in order to protect the contracting parties; especially in corporate law, public notarizations are not uncommon. For this purpose, we work together with selected and experienced notaries throughout Switzerland.

Let us draft or review your contracts when it becomes important. We are also happy to offer you our experience in interpreting specific contractual clauses as part of our legal advice.


Outsourced or supporting legal

Not all companies have their own legal department or in-house legal – this is where we can come into play for you: Do you repeatedly have to deal with legal issues or matters throughout the fiscal year that absorb your time? But financially it is not worth hiring your own lawyer? more

Contact us and ask for a non-binding offer for the annual takeover of legal issues for a flat fee. We are there for you at any time and reliably throughout the year when you need us. We also have the resources and experience to use the entire range of legal instruments and, if necessary, to take the unpleasant (legal) route.

In addition, we also act as supporting legal for legal departments or in-house legal to take over the “peaks” in the business load or special areas. Furthermore, we can act as your extended arm, for example for delicate business areas or litigation representation. Especially in corporate disputes and litigation, it is important for success that the lawyer representing the company (litigator) knows the corporate situation (corporate) as well as possible, otherwise interface problems may arise. In addition, many litigators handle all types of litigation and therefore are not very specialized for corporate disputes, which have some pitfalls. By engaging us as an extension of your legal team, you have an energetic external reinforcement who can, if necessary, escalate a dispute for you efficiently and in all professionalism and enforce your rights if necessary.


Legal advice and legal expertise

We offer you tailor-made legal advice in all our fields of law. A legal consultation usually starts with a first personal meeting. more

This takes place at our office in Zurich, exceptionally it can also be conducted by telephone or video conference. It is important for an initial consultation that you have the relevant information or documents with you. After consultation, you may also send us documents electronically or by mail. In selected areas of law (especially in company law, with a focus on stock corporation law, accounting law and auditing law, furthermore on questions of legal interpretation as well as in civil procedure law) we have the expertise to provide you with legal opinions. These can range from short memos to detailed legal opinions. We provide legal opinions for private parties outside and inside legal proceedings (party opinions) as well as for authorities and courts (court opinions). Please contact Beat Brändli directly for this purpose.


Company formation, restructuring, reorganization and M&A

Do you want to start a business and need appropriate support? Do you want to restructure your business (merge, split, convert, rebrand, etc.)? Do you need legal assistance in reorganization? Then you have come to the right place. more

We will be happy to advise you in advance on the most sensible (legally and economically) course of action and then actively support you in the implementation of your plan. The right form (such as the company form, the type of foundation or restructuring, etc.) plays an important role and should not be rashly tackled without a legal expert, especially in somewhat complicated circumstances. Tell us what you would like to realize economically and leave the legal arrangement to us. We have experience and good connections, also for cross-border constellations.

Are you planning a company takeover (share or asset deal) or another M&A transaction and do you need legal support? For example, for a proper due diligence or the planning and execution of a specific transaction? Please contact us. For larger transactions, we work together with our office partners and other selected and specialized experts.



We are happy to represent you in legal proceedings before Swiss courts and authorities. Lawsuits burden private individuals primarily emotionally and companies at least financially. more

A capable legal representative first takes the burden of litigation off your shoulders and fights in your place and for your cause with all his strength and expertise. He also provides you with clarity on how to proceed and helps you come up with a sensible litigation strategy. All this helps you to take a deep breath and to be able to focus on other things again with a clear conscience.

Going to a litigation attorney is similar to going to a doctor: remember that it is better to contact them at the first symptoms or an emerging dispute, and not when the dispute has been smoldering for some time and you are summoned by the judge to the main hearing. Therefore, it is better to come to us before and at the latest when proceedings are opened, then we can best help you. But don’t worry, in exceptional cases we also see ourselves as a contact point for short-term emergencies.



Do you have any other concerns regarding which you have not found any further information in our sections? We are happy to provide you with legal support, assistance and representation in areas not explicitly mentioned. Feel free to contact us at any time with your request.